Monday, 17 July 2017

Preparing For A Roadtrip

Recently I did a post which was all about maintaining your car for the summer and thank you for all of the support I have had within that post. Today I am going to share with you things which I do before going on a road trip. As I said travelling in the car is something which we do regularly and with it been the summer it means we have even more planned now if you have ever travelled with a young child like Jess you will know you have to prepare. We have a number of short trips coming up which are going to mean that there is a fair few hours spent in the car

The first thing which we do before going on a road trip is to make sure that we clear out all the old bottles and rubbish which is in the car. I can tell you it soon mounts up I swear we must nearly get a bagful every single time we do it and I promise you we do actually do it regularly. After we have done this, of course, we have to fill the car up again because Jess can be horrible if she doesn't have a drink or snacks in the car when we are travelling for a long period of time. I am going to do a post of Jess's favourites snacks.

We also have to make sure that we have enjoy supplies should we breakdown because this is something which fears me being stuck in the middle of nowhere for a couple of hours until we can get rescued. I always have to make sure that there is things such as drinks and a first aid kit in the car as well because I am prone to making myself injured and with me you never know when you are going to need something stupid like a plaster. This reminds me I probably need to check the first aid kit because they may be things which are out of date and be of no use for us should we actually need them.

If you have been a long time reader you may remember my emergancy sick bag for Jess we have to make sure that this is stocked up because you never know when we will need that. Even though she is a year older this does not mean that she has not stopped been sick in the car sometimes she is sicker when we do shorter journey's. We have updates it a little bit because there is somethings that as she has grown we need to add which we didn't need when she was smaller.

I always make sure that if we are going on a long journey we make sure that we know how much fuel we have in the car and where the local shell is should we need to fill up because we never want to be without fuel. I think that this would be one of my nightmares allow with breaking down/ being in an accident. We have to use Shell because the other half treats the car like his second child don't worry it is also a girl apparently.

The final thing which we check is our battery is not flat because of the fact that they are not something which we want to breaking down because of because as I have said this is one of my worst nightmares more so when I am travelling with Jess because she can be a handful. One good tip is to make sure that you have turned you inside light off in the car when you get out as recently it caused my mother in law's car battery to be drained that been left on all night. Should you need a car battery in the London area, there are many places to help out with not only new battery fittings but also repairs in case something is damaged - one of the companies is - DAT tyres who supply car batteries in London.

What do you have to do before a roadtrip?

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

LittleLife Toddler Daysack Review

Ever since Jess had started to crawl I said at when she started walking would be purchasing her a rein bag the reason behind this is because it still allows her to be independent and if you knownJess you will know how indepdant she loves to be even nursery have commented on this. So Jess thinks that she is actually walking and been a big girl without having to hold my hand unless she is crossing a road and I can still control her which means that she can not run into the road or get into any other danger.

I remember around November time when Jess had started walking and started to want to go explore more I purchased her the Littlelife daysack because I knew that this was something that I had been looking for. They do as range of different animals so there will be one which shit your family they now even do character ones I have seen the gruffolo and Minnie Mouse. In hind site I kind of wish I had got the Minnie one because Jess has become obsessed with her in the last few months.  The Daysacks have the removable rein which means when Jess is a little bit older we can use it as a small backpack which has enough room in for her drink and a few other things such as snacks. Having the option  to remove the rein means that when she is in a huge open area such as the park you can remove it and let her run free without. Her thinking she is too free as she is still wearing the backpack. This is something which we have done a number of times now and is seems to be something which she seems to enjoy because she is more independent.

You can also adjust the chest pads which means as Jess grows the bag will still be able to fit her I think it is till age 4 you can use this little bag however I am sure a lot of that would be just using it as a normal bag. The shoulder pads are actually pretty thick and soft which means that it is comfortable for your child to wear which is something that you want should they be wearing this for a long period for of time. 

I have used this bag so much I have purchased a similar one for the car so that we always have one should we need to take s last minute journey and do not have this one Jess is still able to walk,.  We have used this bag in a number of places from the town centre, parks, seaside and farms. At all of them we have never found that we have had an issue with the bag. We even took her to the rugby at Easter with it and the security were amazed with it they said however I looked like I was controlling a drunk person.

It is not just me  who has used the bag obviously Joe has used it with her and both sets of grandparents have actually used it. It was his nan though who could be a little bit sceptical  about things like as she is usedmtomdoing what they did back in the day when she was bringing children up who even stated that they are a good idea and she wishes that they had them when Joe had been growing up. 

The bag is something which I could not be without now because we get so much use out of it. I think this most be one of the best £20 I have ever spent.

Do you have one of these bags, would you use one? Let me know in the comments 

Charlotte x

Monday, 10 July 2017

Lush - Volcano Foot Mask Review

Once the summer months approach I think about taking care of my feet which I have neglected for the majority of the winter. The reason behind this is because I think about wearing sandals or dolly shoes and nobody wants to have horrible feet. I try and remove a lot of the dead horrible skin using an amazing foot mask which I treated my mum to one birthday. I am someone who spends a lot of hours on my feet should it be walking or just not resting that much because that's hard to do when you have a nearly two-year-old in toe. The foot mask, of course, is from Lush and it is the Volcano. I will admit it is not one of the prettiest products Lush do.

This is an ice cool mint foot mask which contains Pumice which allows you to run the dead skin away making your feet look amazing. It also has Kaolin on which helps to clean and repair skin and then finally papaya which helps digest dead skin ready for removal. This little pot is amazing and does save you a hell of a lot of time because it would take a lot of treatments to do a lot these elements.
Volcano also helps deodorise, cool and simulation the feet this is due to the tomatoes, menthol and the lemon and cinnamon which is in the mask. This allows you to be able to treat your feet which are hot and have been in your shoes all day which they deserve should you hammer them like I do.

The way I use this mask is to cover my whole foot with the mask I make sure that I apply plenty of it. I then wrap my feet tightly in cling film which helps you to lock the moisture and soften the skin. I do this before I shower as I am able to rinse it off.

I have found that my feet are a hell of a lot softer and some of the dead skin has disappeared. It helped with my roughness which is a problem which I do suffer for and I have found that it did help. I think that this is a product which I am going to be reaching for a lot more now the summer is here I could be using at least once a week just before I paint my nails to give my feet a full on pamper session.

Do you have a favourite foot mask? If so what is it I would love to be able to try some of the others?

Charlotte x

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Dear Dada- Chilling Like A Villain 

Dear  Dada 

I think we are now almost half way through before you come home for a couple of weeks hopefully near my birthday because I know you really do not want to miss my birthday. Time seems to be flying again which is good because when we are busy it means that we can not miss you as much even though of course we miss you so much every single day don't worry I know mummy does as well even if she doesn't tell you this. 

So of course this week started like all the others with a day at home because nobody has time to work on a Monday we managed to do a few house hold chores because we have to be good girls and do boring jobs every now and then. We even had to pop to the post office again because mummy is doing an amazing job at selling some of my old clothes which is great because she can just keep buying me more. Monday saw me get a bath which as you know from when you have given me a bath in the past I love it and it becomes a bit of a crazy old time. I am sad though my squirty foam body wash has run out and we didn't have anymore so I have to use normal baby one at the moment which is not as fun as my old one sort it out mummy. 

The weather during the week  has not been amazing which means that I have not been able to play outside nursery which means that I have had a lot of energy because I can not run it off that much when I haven't been able to play out. Which means that I have been such a hyper baby all week which I think will have not been amazing for mummy because she has been so busy trying to organise things for her career such as hopefully getting another work placement and something else exciting as well.She has been able to do a lot of blogging which is paying off because she is working with some amazing brands and her followers are all growing which she is so thankful for so thank you mummy followers she loves every single one of you. Oh this week has seen me having to give Uncle Daniel some sympathy because he decided to get hit by a football at training and has really badly bruised his thumb that the minor injuries put the worldest biggest bandage on this. He actually thought he had broken it mummy and grandad did a lot of laughing at him. 

When Friday actually rolled around we had another crazy day of tidying up and decluttering because mummy is sick of seeing a lot of rubbish all over before the weekend. After a long week because the boys decided to go to the cricket so we got a girly Chinese and watched the rugby of course FC lost again. I decided to steal some of mummy's takeaway I now love chicken with chilli salt even though it was a little bit to spicy for me I couldn't stop eating it. I think you might have to try it when we have a Chinese when you are back we have finally found a decent on in Hull how long have we been trying to find a good one. 

Saturday saw me spending a lot of time in doors because I wasn't feeling to great and it was a little bit too warm for me to be playing outside. So I have been having plenty of naps because a girl really needs to catch up on her sleep over the weekend. It is hard been this beautiful I am sure you appreciate this Daddy. However, when it cooled down a bit we went and played in the back garden and had plenty of fun trying to play rugby and driving my little scutterbug around damm I love my little bike. 

Sunday was a day were we all chilled but of course for me that meant spending about 4 hours in the garden having fun because who wants to be inside when it is a nice day. So when you are looking for house please make sure it has a nice garden so I can live out there in the summer months. I even went to do the weekly shop ok I did get some more clothes but only 3 tshirts because they were reduced and mummy said I could have them. We even made our own ice pops for me so that I don't get as messy as I would if I was eating an ice cream and they last me longer because I can not just bite them like I do with ice cream. 

Next week promises to be a little bit of a more quiet weekend because I have another day with grandma not that I am complaining because mummy is off out to work again. Woo it might mean I get even more treats hopefully. 

I miss you Daddy so much

Love Jess xxxxxx

Friday, 7 July 2017

Appelsin Town App Review 


Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Appelsin Town which is an app created for young people between the age of 2-5 years. As some of you eagle people may realise Jess is not two until September so some of this may be a little bit too old for her however she has had great fun testing out the app.

We have been using the app the most when we have been commuting on the train too and from nursery as it is an hours train ride. More on that another day. Due to it been close to th my summer holidays it means that the trains are super busy meaning Jess has had to sit on my knee for a few journeys now and I need something to keep her entertained this is where the app has come in.

When you purchase the app which is £1.99 you get the of the lands, however, I am only going to review the first one as this is the one which I think is most appropriate to Jess and her current age. I am sure we will be playing with some of the others in the future when she grows into the app as it is designed for children between the ages of 2-5 years so there still is some growing room into this app.

One of the first lands you get is this one which has a giraffe. You can design you own cupcakes which is something Jess has loved doing you can put sprinkles on them and add the different fruit and veg which you can see on the cart before feeding it to the giraffe. I will admit we have had some strange combinations going on such as carrots on the cupcakes. I have been using it as an educational tool by asking Jess colours and trying to get her to say the fruit or veg name as well.

The one which it's the rabbit I think it maybe our favourite you can get the zebra to come and deliver the mail. Which is something Jess likes because there are always people delivering parcels to our house. You can water the carrots using the watering can which you can't see the van as we were playing on this when the screenshots were taken and then you feed the rabbit. You can even make the rabbit move we have had him on the roof and everything.

The final area which for some reason I can not add a photograph for is a sheep which is having a picnic. You can get the items out of the picnic basket and give them to the sheep. Jess love sure able to play with the balloons on this one it keeps her entertained for a while.

Overall I really like this app because it allows children to do things such as feed the animals and learn along with letting them use their creative minds creating scenarios. We have had it were the sheep is having a picnic for his birthday and I have asked Jess to feed him certain foods which she has managed to do. For £1.99 this is an app I would recommend and it is available on the App Store so you could have it on the iPad which I am sure would make this even more enjoyable.

Have you heard of this app if so what do you think of it?

Charlotte x

This app was gifted to us, however, all words are my own