Monday, 25 September 2017

A Bow Come True Haul

Bows are something which recently I have fallen in love with and love now that Jess has a little bit longer hair which means that she can pop them in her hair because as some of you may remember when she was born she had no hair at all. It took her a while to grow it and now it seems to be growing at a rate of knots which is no bad thing because she has an amazing colour hair even if I do say so myself. In the middle of August came across a lady who was making bows in my local area since then I have gone on to purchase a handful of bows. You can also purchase from here as she does post them she sells on Facebook and her page is A bow come true. As you know I love to support small business and this for sure is one of them.

As you know recently Jess turned 2 which of course was an occasion which we could celebrate with a bow she didn't wear it all day because Mummy forgot to take it with us to the wildlife park, however, however she did end up wearing in for her meal on the evening. I love how you can have these changed for the age which your child is going to turn and the cake on the other side is so beautiful.The number is raised up which means that it does stand out and is full of glitter like an actual princess would wear. I adore the pink colour of this because it goes with Jess's hair colour so well.  Jess did not want to take her bow off all night so it must have been comfortable for her they are so well made that they even look amazing after Jess has been playing with them so much. These are priced at between £2-3 I think. I for one will be purchasing more of these when it becomes to birthday's in the future for Jess. 

If you know me you will know that I am obsessed with dinosaurs I wish there were more dinosaur things for girls when I see them I just have to have them. So when I saw this bow I had to pick it up Jess even knows the word dinosaur which is amazing at such a young age and even pretends to rawr like she is one. I love the contrast between the dark pink/red on the back of the bow and the white which is on the front. This for sure is going to be one which she is going to get a lot of wear out of because it will go with a number of outfits. Again this was around the £2-3 mark like all the bows this company make.  I think that if she does design some more in this style I would have to purchase more of them. 

Halloween is just around the corner I know people will not like me saying that but it is now only a month away. So when a couple of weeks ago I spotted that they had launched their Halloween selection of bows I knew I had to get my hands on them quickly before they sold out or I forgot and did not end up ordering one. I purchased this beautiful bow which is black and orange which for sure screams Halloween to me and then it has a witch on the other side which I noticed also has ginger/orange hair. I think this one is going to be perfect for around the Halloween season hopefully, Jess is going to be allowed to dress up at Nursery again this year and she can rock this bow. I would say if you are looking for Halloween bows to purchase them soon. A bow come true also have Christmas bows out now but I can not think that far in the future so have not purchased any yet. 

The next one which I purchased was this mermaid bow which is a blue and purple colours which I thought really go well together which is one of the reasons why I purchased the bow, as well as the mermaid, seem to be alternative because of the fact that she has multicoloured hair which is something which you do not see on most bows. I also love how it will end up being able to go with a lot of outfits. It was not till after I noticed that the mermaid has a little unicorn next to her and these both really on trend at the moment.

I also had to pick up this panda one well I think it was actually Jess who chose this one because it has panda on and it also had flowers on which is something which must have drawn to her because it was one of the first ones she choose. I love how the flowers are 3D because it gives it an extra element. I think again this is something which is different compared to other bow companies which I have seen. I love how this one is black and white so of course is going to go with everything which Jess has. 

The reason I first saw this company is because when Hull FC got to the Challenge cup final back in August a bow come true came out with this range of bows so that everyone even little ones could support the team. Even though Jess did not actually attend Wembley she did get to support them from a far this is going to be perfect should they reach the grand final and also when she attends games in the future. I love this bow I think if I could get away with it I would wear it. Even for this one it only cost £3 and I think there was only around 50 made so Jess is a lucky little girl. 

Unicorns are something which are everywhere at the moment so when I saw this print which is so different to anything which I have seen I knew I had to have it. I love the pink colour because again I think it is one which is going to suit Jess's colouring because pink is something which suits her so much. I love the glittery element because I feel like it gives her something which extra this is one which will go with a lot of her plain dresses and I am sure a few other things which she has. Again this was around the £2-3 mark I can not fully remember the price. 

I love this company and for sure it is one which I will be ordering from again in the future.This is one which I would recommend that you check out because you will not be disapointed by the quality or designs which they make.

What are your favourite bow stores because I am always looking for more?

Charlotte x

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dear Dada- Missing You Already

Dear Dada

I can not believe that the time has come for you to leave the UK again I guess as you kept telling Mummy today that it is only 6 weeks and then you are going to be back for a long time hopefully. I know we are going to have so many amazing memories when you get back because it will be November which means it will be getting colder and then we can go explore the new season. If you are lucky we might even have snow for us to play in but I do not know if this is a good thing at all.

I have had so much fun since you have been home and have adored spending a lot of time with you and Mummy. I do not think I have seen her that happy in such a long time because I know it must be hard for her to be both parents when you are away. I know that I am going to have to behave so much this time because Mummy is going to have so much to do because of the fact she is back at uni now instead of been on summer leave.

I am sure you are not going to miss having to listen to the wheels on the bus all of the time as well as ba ba black sheep and wind the bobin up because that is all I have been making you listen to whether that be on your phone or whether it be me singing it. I have loved being able to do some drawings for you I can not wait to be able to do even more at nursery for your return because you know how excited they get when they know you are coming home. I think they get more excited than Mummy or she is just really good at hiding how excited she is. Been able to see you every single day has been amazing I feel like I have really had my Daddy back and like we have been an actual family.

You been home for my birthday was amazing because it meant that I did end up we did end up having an amazing family day at the wildlife park because you know how much I love being able to see the animals. We have had some amazing meals out which has meant that I have had some super tasty food and I have managed to try some new kind of foods as well. I am so glad we have spent this time together because I think that it has just proved to mummy how much everything means because sometimes she gets down as you know but been able to do silly things with you has made her feel like she is not alone.

I love my new penguin teddy but I would really like a live one as a pet because I think it would be pretty cool, maybe we will have to go and see them at the deep at some stage or go up to the zoo in Edinburgh because mummy says they do an amazing parade. Hopefully, these next 6 weeks go super fast because I can not wait to be able to tell everyone Daddy's Car and be your little princess again. I have even learned the phrase I miss you now so don't worry I will be saying this a lot when you come back.

I have found out today that I am only doing  3 days at nursery this week which is a bonus because it means that I am going to be able to play with some them amazing toys which I actually got for my birthday because you know how much of a lucky girl I was.

I hope you have an amazing flight back Daddy I love and miss you already

Jess xxx

Friday, 22 September 2017

Autumn Bucket List

Today officially is the start of the autumn and if you know me this is one of my favourite times of year because of the fact that the weather does starts to become cooler and then we get the leaves on the ground and who does not like kicking them. This is going to be the first time I think that Jess is going to understand the fact that it is coming colder and we have to wrap up when we go out which I guess is always one of the fun parts of this year.  Autumn officially runs from today to the 21st December when it is officially winter.  This year I want to have a bucket list of things which me and Jess want to do before December.

Stay In PJ's All Day- Me and Jess do not have a lot of time where we do not actually do a lot at all we are always on the go. This means that we have a lot of days where we are wearing clothes which we would wear outside. Jess does get more PJ days than me but I think she would love one with me.

Have a film day-  Is there anything better than been snuggled up with a blanket and been able to watch films this is something which I love been able to do in the colder months. Usually it is a Sunday when we have no plans and the weather is super rubbish which is can be a lot of the time in these months. We usually watch things which are like cartoons or Disney they are always really easy watches.

Build a den- This is something which Jess does her bed but I think we would have a huge amount of fun building a den in the front room and be able to chill in our huge den and even ban boys from coming in. We can do a lot of different things I have not a huge plan of what we should do in the den yet maybe it should be sponteous

Having an Indoor Picnic- We loved been able to actually eat in the outdoors having almost like picnics at home when the weather was nice in the summer because snacking is one of Jess's favourite things to do so I think that having a picnic with a blanket on the floor while the weather is rubbish would be so much fun and I am sure Jess and her pups would love that.

Make Cookies-  I know for sure that we actually have a couple of kits to make cookies in the cupboard in the kitchen and Jess had her first taste of baking at nursery baking bread. I think that this is going to be something which Jess is going to love to be able to do and when the weather is rubbish one weekend we can make cookies and she can give them to other member of the families.

Dress Up For Halloween-  This is one which is aimed more at Jess than me because she is actually going to be at nursery for Halloween which means that she is no doubt going to have a part and there is going to be party for her to attend. I really love been able to dress her up so this is something which I will be planning in the next couple of weeks to be honest.

Go on a Walk- This is not something which I am going to class if it is just a normal walk it is going to have to be a walk which is for the purpose of going for a walk this is something which I love doing because I love the crisp air and been able to kick the leaves this is going to be something which Jess is going to enjoy for the first time.

Visit the Fair-  As a resident of Hull every October we have to make the annual pilgrimage to Walton Street because Europe's largest travelling fair comes to Hull. I took Jess last year and she loved just looking at the lights however, this years she is going to be able to go on some of the rides and I can not wait to see her face light up and have so much fun one night as it is getting dark and the lights become brighter.

Before I have too many things to do this autumn and not enough time I will leave it here. I love been able to have some ideas which I am going to be able to do in this time of year. I am sure we will add some things to this plan as well.

What do you plan on doing this autumn?

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lush- Mask Of Magnaminty Review

Mask Of Magnaminty is a facemask which I am constantly repurchasing and have been since I first tried it over two years ago now. I have hormonal breakouts like any other girl more so around the time of the month and this is when I seem to be reaching for this product more and more. Before I had tried this product I had actually managed to read the reviews now any of you who have done this will know it has really high reviews. 

This is not one of Lush's fresh facemask however, it is self-preserving which means that it does last a bit longer meaning that you do not have to use it as quickly as a fresh one and this also does not have to be stored in the fridge. Which if you are anything like me is a good thing because I put them in the fridge and can actually forget to use them because I rarely go to the fridge before a shower. 

The main ingredient of this facemask is peppermint oil this is what makes it get for people who have acne or spot prone skin as it is actually a natural antiseptic which helps promote healing of scars and blemishes which can occur when skin there is breakouts. I have noticed when I have been used this the scars which I have from previous spots do seem to fade which is a bonus when you are very self conscious about scarring.  

This mask also can help tighten pore which is something which is not always a problem for me but this is always a bonus because having huge pores is not something which we all want. As well as this another benefit which helps soothe and protects the skin from break out as you may remember I said I use this more when I am breaking out. The ingredient which helps this is the bentonite gel and African marigold oil. 

I use this mask maybe only once a week on my whole face and then when I need it in specific areas I will use it more for example when I break out I will apply this maybe every day however, I have been known to use this overnight and it has the same benefits as washing it off after 30 minutes. 

You'll find when you scoop some out of the little pot that it's a really thick mask full of little scrubby bits because the mask is so thick and lumpy, you have to apply it to the skin in quite a thick layer to get even coverage. Be careful not to apply it too thickly however, so that it doesn't dry onto the skin. This is just a waste of product and makes it harder to remove. Do be warned, the application can be super messy I have been known to get it in my hair at stages which can be super annoying. 

Once the mask is on your skin you get that immediate tingly, cold feeling all over your face that comes with peppermint oil this is a feeling which I have to admit I really like. This mask contains Kaolin clay, which whilst setting on your skin, pulls impurities like oil out from your pores, but without drying your skin out even though I do feel like I have to moisturise after but that is just me. 

When you wash the facemask off it is actually exfolicating as you rinse it off which is great because I love looking at how much dead skin cells I have removed as well as the extra oil which does not need to be in my face.

I love this facemask and it is one which I will repurchase time and time again I think I have already been through a couple of the larger pots of this facemask which shows that I really do love the product. I would recommend this product to others who may have blemish/spot prone skin. 

Have you tried mask of magnaminty if so what did you think?


Monday, 18 September 2017

Skip Hop Unicorn Backpack Review

A year ago I was on the hunt for a nursery bag because Jess was going to be starting nursery and it meant that I needed to be able to carry a few items for her every single day. I actually watched a video that Jess Avey did a video which was all about what was in her toddler's nursery bag. He has an amazing Skip Hop backpack and once I saw that I knew I had to have one. I think her son had the monkey one however, I knew that I needed to get one which could be a little bit more girly I am all for gender neutral but Jess does get called a boy a hell of a lot. This is when I saw this amazing Unicorn bag on the JoJo Maman Bebe website and this was before the unicorn trend actually started. I have seen a lot of people use these style of bags recently I think I have seen a couple of these people who have been had the unicorn bag.

These skip hop bags are actually £20 which to some people may seem expensive for a backpack bag for a toddler to carry or use for nursery. I did actually a discount code which got me £2 off this bag but I did worry that I had an purchased a bag which was actually expensive would not last us that long. This bag has actually lasted us at least a year I have been able to wash the bag I do not know if you're meant to wash it, however, I did and it looked as good as new. I only washed it on a gentle wash I would not recommend washing it on a high temperature I think I did ours on a 30.

This is inside the bag as you can tell there is a lot of space in this bag and it does actually have a couple of complete full outfits in the bag. As you can see there is a lot of room which means that a lot more could be carried in the bag. I think I have managed to put a whole weekend worth of clothes including spares and pj's as well as nappies and wipes which is a hell of a lot of stuff to fit in a bag which does not look like it will be able to fit that much in. This means you could use your bag as a weekend bag for your toddler or for your hand luggage if you lucky to be going on holiday.

The bag also has a huge pocket on the front which I have found is good for storing gloves and socks which is something which we always need now because Jess seems to be able to get her socks wet at nursery easy and I know I am going to need easy access to her gloves because of the fact that the seasons are changing and mornings are getting colder. I think this would be a great place for snacks if you are traveling because it is so easy to access them.  On the side, the bag does have a holder for a bottle which is great for when we are traveling because I can stick a fruit shoot in the pocket so I can grab it before Jess kicks off because she is thirsty.

The straps which are on the back can be adjusted which means this bag can grow with your toddler which is great because if yours is anything like Jess they will want to be able to carry their own bag. I can even adjust it so it fits over one of my shoulders should I need to carry the bag instead of Jess, for example, should I make the bag to full for her to carry it. I think that one of the reasons Jess wanst to carry her bag is because she thinks she is a big girl and because of the fact that the bag is so cute she wants to.  The straps as comfortable for Jess to be able to wear them all day which is great because it means that she is not going to get in discomfort when she wants to wear this.

I would say that the skip hop bags are worth the money because we have used ours nearly every single weekday for a year. However, if you are not going to use the bag every day and are scared that your child will not get their money's worth I would look for a discount code or on Amazon as they are on offer every so often. I think that the quality of this is still as good as new of course it does have a few scraps from the use but you could not tell we have had this bag over a year. I think that had I purchased a cheaper bag I may have had to repurchase a new bag by now.

Have you tried a skip hop backpack?

Charlotte x