Friday, 26 May 2017

Lush- 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly Review

Shower Jellies where not something I had actually used until I fell in love with Lush which my addiction did not start till a few years ago. The reason I purchased this item was due to the fact that I had really bad shoulder pain and I had mentioned this in store and I got this amazing Jelly recommended to me.  I do actually freeze these showers jelly's because I find them more effective then using them normally and have found that I do not drop them as often as when they are in their normal format.

This product has a base of euclyptus and mint which help soothe muscles and pain which is something I adore because if you know me you know I usually have a complaint. It usually is my back or shoulders because no joke I carry the weight of the world on my own shoulders and it is not good for me.  The mint element of this product does actually help reduce and relieve tension and should leave muscles relaxed and recuperated.

This jelly I love to use when I am warm I don't actually know if it is because of the ingredients which can be found within it or if it is because it is frozen and the cool element feels amazing. It actually wakes me up and  because I wake up really early in the morning usually before 6 it is a product which I need on dark horrible mornings to make me alive.

If you have ever used Lush Wiccy Magic massage bar or deep heat 93,000 miles shower jelly actually reminds me of these scents. I think the reason behind this is due to the eucalyptus element it also has a ton of cinnamon oil in which makes it almost spicy but it does not actually make me think of Christmas. Like cinnamon usually do it is one which is great for a number of senses. 

This shower jelly does lather up not as well as some of the shower gels however, it does give you enough soft foam bubbles which will allow you to be come super clean. You can tell the product is working because of the sensations which you receive when you have been using this product is is almost a cooling sensation. 

I actually get relief which gives me a couple of hours of relief from the poor aching muscles and relax me which I prefer using compared to products such as deep heat. The reason behind this is because it does not feel as medical and I can use this for a long time.

I have been using this product for about 5 months and still have plenty of it left, I think I have heard that these small pots of jelly can last up to a 18 months.  I use mine whole and just rub it against my body when I am in the shower which allowed it to lather up. I know a lot of people cut them up and then use them I usually due but because this is a frozen shower jelly it is the reason I have not actually cut it up. 

I am not saying you have to use this frozen it is just the way I use it

Have you ever used a shower jelly?

Charlotte x

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Dear Dada- I Don't Know About You I'm Feeling 22

Anyone week without you has past woo this means we are another week closer to been able to see each other. Not much has happened this weeks but I am sure as soon as I start writing this loads will have come back to me.
This week has seen me pass 3 exams woo only my manual and exam to pass and I will be a qualified sports massage therapist. Meaning I can go massage at the big sporting events hopefully get to go to the marathon next year and earn some money.  I wish it was as smooth sailing but my client ended up in hospital so I had to massage someone who I had never met before who was high up in uni l.
Jess has been a superstar this week we haven't had that many tantrums. We just get Dada a hell of a lot like Friday she wouldn't believe me you as not hiding in bed when we got to your mums. I think she was dreaming about you as well as she kept crying in her dreams so I might have let her come into our bed. I didn't like how huge that double bed feels without you  I soon regretted it when she was kicking me all night. Damm that girl can fidgit.
As if you wasn't amazing enough buying me an brand new camera for my birthday. Which I told myself I couldn't use till it was my birthday. For anyone who knows cameras he got me the Cannon G7X Mark II which is like gold dust. After a cheeky hint in last weeks post I didn't get one birthday card nope I got two. Yes I did think you would forget loved the ps bit in Jess's. As if that wasn't enough the ballon you see in the picture he also bought me god knows how I'm going to get that back home.
Saturday Jess was convinced still you was in the house we might have had to hunt the whole house to try and find you. All I say is your bloody good at this hide and seek game. While I write this post I'm on the train to Newcastle well you have been gone a while now I need some eye candy it's my birthday after all.  I shouldn't have bothered the team didn't bother to turn up but at least it was a fun day with some amazing cake. For someone who doesn't like cake it was amazing.
Your little princess is off to the zoo near Lincoln today which we found at Easter. Don't worry Nan is going so there will not be a murder sounds like it is going to be an amazing family day and some nice memories may be made. I am sure Jess will love it because we know how much she loves Chester.  Oh talking of our Nan I think she actually loves me I got a granddaughter card see the love is mutual she has adopted me.
I am unsure what we are going to end up doing tomorrow/ today as you read this. I must be crazy I am getting the train at like 9am on a Sunday.  Hopefully we will end up doing something because I have to keep busy now otherwise I might start to miss you.
Jess is only going to nursery 4 days this weeks we have now made Friday a mummy and Jess day. This week she managed a 3 hour morning nap I think this girl is starting to love her sleep again. Taking of that next Saturday sees her go away for a week with your Mum and Dad one whole week away for memories to be made. Saying that they could come later to pick her up they plan on arriving at 9am on a Saturday. Do they not know I like to be lazy one day a week. Gosh it's going to be strange without either of you. Might have to keep even busier to not miss you both I think they are going to Chapel at least they are going somewhere new.
Hope your cold has started to go away. We both miss you so much looking forward to seeing you online soon.

Love from Jess and Charlotte xxxxxx

Friday, 19 May 2017

Top Tips To Deal With Chicken Pox

If you follow me on social media just before Easter Jess got chicken pox.  This is something which she really suffered with as you can tell from the picture above she does not actually look like herself her eyes looks so dark and she looks so out of it. That is apart from been covered in really bad spots as you can see the one near her boob looks really angry I think this was one of the worse ones which she actually got.

During this period of time I when Jess was struggling I was given so much advice on what people to me would help get rid of the pox which is something I needed to do because of the fact that we were going away a few days after the pox came out .I think it was around a week after she got sent home from nursery. I am going to share with you what I found worked when she was struggling.

  • Bicarbonate Soda baths this is something which Jess had multiple of during this time. This is supposed to help the healing and stop itching I did not want to use body washes or anything during this time cause I did not want to irritate them you can pick this up down the baking isle in the supermarket.
  • Making sure that unless she needed to we kept her out of clothes she had her dressing gown on so that she did not get cold. The reason behind this is I did not want Jess to scratch the scabs as they form when they are healing. I didn't want to prevent the healing stage because we wanted to get her back to full health as soon as possible. 
  • Pirition is something else which Jess used because we wanted to stop the itching because I am sure that if we had let her she would scratch them. I think she only got caught scratching a couple of times and I think that this could be a reason why because they were not itching as much.  Children who get chicken pox over the age of one can use this however, you might want to check with a pharmacy before you give your child this product. 
  • I was recommended to use calamine lotion but I found it so hard to apply to Jess because it was always cold and she did not want me touching her. Let alone stay still long enough for me to apply it. I actually was lucky to get sent a tube of Care Virasoothe which is a gel that provides cooling and soothing relief reducing the urge to scratch. It also claims that it helps prevent scarring. This is something we loved because Jess allowed us to apply it and actually I think she looked forward to the relief as some of the worst spots were around her nappy area. 
  •  Make sure that you have some calpol on hand we found that it was a godsend because it took any of the pain which she may have been in away. Due to the fact that Jess still had chicken pox when she was pretty young, it meant that she could not tell us we only knew she needed some relief when she was piercing screaming.

  • Make sure that your child is getting enough fluids because when you are ill it is easy to become dehydrated. Offer them juice more often than you may normally do because they may not want to eat a lot if they are anything like Jess was when she had them. For sure I had to make sure that she was really drinking a lot more than she would normally do in order to prevent her becoming really poorly
These are my top tips do you have any others to parents who may be dealing with chicken pox?

Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, this does not affect my opinon 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Caketoppers- Personalised Cupcake Review

I am going to admit this I am sharing these today because tomorrow is my birthday, A few months back I was lucky to be contacted by Caketoppers. Caketoppers are a company who specialise in cakes, cupcakes and printed icing which is edible for delivery across the UK.  They actually get delivered to your door which is great if you have an upcoming birthday like me, anniversary or any other special occasion. This is something which I could see us possibly using should Jess ever been christened.

I was lucky to be sent two of the amazing cupcakes which you can personalise and have any print on that you want, however, because I was unsure of how good the cupcakes would be should you use something which has a lot of small details. You can have text on these cupcakes as well you do not have to have just pure pictures. Caketoppers offer a next day delivery service which is great if you are like me and sometimes nearly forget to order presents or extras such as these amazing cupcakes.

Another element which I like it's the fast that you do not have to resize the picture which is a bonus because this means that you do not have to do anything. This means that you do not have to be technical in order to order some of these amazing cupcakes. Caketoppers do this for you and then they actually print them for yourself.

I used my cake tester Joe who as you may remember helped review Bakerdays for me around valentines. I love the way that these are personalised because it means that I could send them to people who I am not going to see around a special occasion. I was kindly sent both the chocolate and plain cupcake range to try.  I found that the icing which has a layer of frosting on top of an amazingly fresh baked, creamy cupcake. 

As the picture above shows the way you receive your cupcake they are well packaged which should mean that it is really hard to squash the cupcakes, Which is something that you do not want should you be sending them as a gift.  I could not believe how fresh these actually were because of the fact that they had come through the post I didn't expect them to the best. I am glad that I have been proved wrong about this though. 

The cupcakes were a good size for a lovely little treat and were actually bigger than I expected. Caketoppers do not scrimp on the size or quality of the products.

If you would like to order your own cupcakes you can here

What are your thoughts on getting cupcakes through the post?
Charlotte x
This post includes a PR sample however, all views are my own

Monday, 15 May 2017

Convert Old Candles to Wax Tarts

As you might know I am a huge candle addict however I hate it when you get to the bottom of a candle and you actually  have some wax left but the candle will not light as the wick has burnt out. I decided that I was sick of it so much I wondered if I could turn some of my favourite candles into wax tarts and actually enjoy them in my wax tart burner. I have done this a couple of times now with great success so I have decided that I am going to share how I do it with you.

The first thing which you need to do is find a candle which you like which you have burnt as far as down as you can, I have this Cranberry one which was a dupe for bath and body works which I picked up from B&M at Christmas time, I actually finished this one in about February but just haven't converted them into tarts till now.

As you can see I have burnt as much as I can the wick has now disappeared and this means that I can not light it even thought there is actually a ton of wax left. You do not need a lot of things to turn them into tarts you need a kettle to boil water in a mixing bowl and am ice cube tray. You can use your normal mixing bowl however, I think I would use a spare ice cube tray because you are going to pour hot wax in them and I would not want to then make ice cubes with the same tray in case there is something in the wax which makes them undrinkable.

The first thing which I do after boiling the water is pour it in to a mixing bowl making sure that the fill line is actually above the amount of wax. The reason that it needs to be boiling water is so that the wax actually melts. Make sure that you pour the water in the bowl not into the candle because if this occurs it will mean that you are diluting the wax so it will not be strong scented when you go to burn the tarts. ,You need to make sure that all of the wax is meted before you pour it it may take a while so you need to be patient.

Once all of the wax is melted slowly pour the wax make sure that you do not get too close to the the top because you need to be able to pop them out when the wax has actually has actually dried, Depending on the amount of the wax which you have you may get multiple tarts I think from the one which I have shown you I managed to get 6 small tarts which are the same size as ice cubes. They still have the same amount of scent as when it was a candle and this way means that you do actually get to use the most of the candle.

Have you got a favourite candle which you wish was not running out that you would love to turn into wax tarts?

Charlotte x