Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dear Dada- It's Over 

Dear Dada

Wow look how much I have changed in the last 6 months you have been away. I know you will feel guilty because you feel like you have been missing out on so much of my life but you really haven't don't worry. We can make a lot of memories now you have been back, and you have my weekly updates to look back on. Don't worry now I will hand Mummy her laptop back after this update, and I can go back to colouring like a good girl.

The last 6 months have been so strange without you because I had got used to seeing you so much, and then I had to go an extended period of time without. The only contact we have really had in all of this time is skype once a week, and you know how sometimes I get too excited and do not want to talk to you. I love being crazy with you I am sure this is something which is going to happen which is going to happen more because we have a lot of making up to do. I know you love me so much and will not mind me been crazy. In the past 6 months, I have done a hell of a lot of fun things, I have had many dressing up days, a few family BBQs, I have had day's out to the park and a couple of trips to see animals. I have been such a big girl and the dummy has now gone forever because I do not need it anymore, I have even moved upstairs at nursery.

I have been on hundreds of trains since you left shock horror I have been going on the bus a few times which is nice because I never seem to go on them. I have eaten a few meals out because I am a spoilt little princess and been such a good girl and I couldn't have done it all without Mummy and my grandparents. They have allowed Mummy to have a break when she needs it because you know I can be a handful sometimes which is never good. Grandma had been like a second mummy to me because I know solo parenting must be super hard on top everything else she has to do which is never great.

I have had a couple of visits to see the other set of grandparents and spent two whole weeks with them which is nice and cause they remind me of you. I am sure we will be seeing them a little bit more now that you are home. Now Mummy does not have to be as strong because she has someone on hand to help parent with me when I am crazy, or I am throwing a tantrum. I am sure you can not wait, and because Mummy should be a lot less stressed now, we might get to explore more on the weekends no doubt after Christmas because we will be so busy. I have to start behaving because I know you will end up spoiling me even more if I do and Santa is coming very soon.

I can not wait to give you a huge hug and kiss when I see you tonight because I missed you so much it has been two whole months since I last saw you can you believe. I love you so much Daddy you are not going to be allowed out of my site for days don't worry about it.

See you very soon Daddy.

Love from Jess xxxxxxxx

Monday, 20 November 2017

Lush Oxford Street Haul

Way back on the 26th August I managed to visit the holy grail shop for any lush fan's which is Lush Oxford street a 3-floor store which sells just pure Lush. Which as I am sure you know because you're on my blog is a kind of heaven to me. The store opened way back in April 2015 and it has taken me this long to visit. I was down in London for the challenge cup and found myself in a bar about 15 minutes walk away from the store so I had to pop quickly and due to the fact that I had to carry it so I only picked up the ones which were exclusive to the store.

Cherry Blossom reusable bubble bar is one of those items which I managed to pick up Cherries are one of my favourite scents however, it is not something which Lush do a lot of for some reason I don't actually know why. This is not a scent which reminds me of cherries too much it reminds me more of cherry bakewells and the cherry boiled sweets. This for sure is going to be one which I would love to come to normal stores because for sure this is one which I would be repurchasing I have not actually tried it out yet but it is one which I will be using in the near future. 

Big Calm Jelly bath bomb is one of the first jelly bath bombs which Lush have done one is meant to help you sleep which at the moment is something which I am not having a problem with because I am so tired all of the time. The reason it is designed to send you to sleep is due to the tonka and chamomile I think this is one I purchase for when I have a lot of deadlines and need myself to be sent to sleep. I know these are not exclusive just to Oxford street there is around 10 stores nationwide which have them in. Unfortunately for me, my local one which has them is Leeds so if I do end up loving it I am going to have to purchase online. I think this is my favourite of the jelly ones which I picked up. 

Dark arts Jelly bath bomb which has now changed its name to I think secret arts is this lovely black bath bomb I am surprised it took lush this long to do something which turned you bath black because we all know Lush like to be a little bit different when it comes to their products. This bath bomb is cinnamon, orange and almond which gives it a very spicy cinnamon with a hint of orange scent. This is one which I have not used yet because I thought I would save it for the winter when the weather turns as this is one which I think would suit that time of year more than when I purchased it. I am unsure how much I am going to love this because it could be like bathing in a bath of tar but this is sure going to be an experience. I may do a post about my experience when I have used this and do a review on the product. 

One Eskimo is a bubble bar which I picked up out of session but there was no way I could leave it as it shares it's scent with Christingle which is a very menthol/ mint body lotion. This is a bubble bar which is going to be part of the Christmas line if I am not mistaken. This has a hint of grapefruit, spearmint and peppermint. I feel like this is going to be one which is great should my muscles be sure because mint really seems to help me or if you have bad sunburn this may be a product which you want to try. This for sure is going to be one which I am going to be stocking up on in the coming months. As I think if this is part of the Christmas range it will be coming to all stores. 

Fidget spinners are something which was a huge trend this summer and of course Lush had to jump on the bandwagon and make their own fidget spinner bubble bar. This is one which I had to pick up because of the fact that I love anything novel and this is of course citrus so there was no way that I was not going to be picking this one up. I can not actually say what oils are in this because I can not find it online so I am sorry for this. This is a product which produces a ton of bubbles so is one which Jess adores as well. I do seem to think that you purchase this in all stores now throughout the UK. 

Green coconut is another jelly bath bomb which does not sound a combination which most people would think of this bath bomb does not smell overly of the usual coconut smell which we have got used to with Lush instead it is almost a curry smell which I get when I have a whiff of this product. I know that this is something which could put a lot of people off because they may not almost like the thai green curry scent that this product is. However, to me, it not a spicy as a curry would be and have as many in it. This is going to be one which is going to be very interesting as I do not know how I feel about sharing my bath with green slime it may be an experience which I am not going to love. I think I will have to report my findings on this very soon. 

Green windmill is another one which I picked up purely because of the design I am a sucker for anything I guess you could say gimmicky. The scent on this is a really nice as well which is always a bonus it is a very fizzy kind of citrus smell with almost a hint of ginger I know it sounds like the stranges combination of product well scent ever but I promise you that it is one of the nicest that I have smelt from Lush and so different to anything which I have ever tried before. I am gutted I dropped mine which means some bits have come off but I am sure it is still going to make pretty bubbles in the bath. 

Guardians of the forest bath bomb is another one which I knew before I headed into the store is one which I needed because of the fact that it is the closest which we have to Lord of misrule all year long which is one of my favourite scents of the year. It is a very earthy scent which has a lot of Cyrpuss oil, rosewood and moss oil which means that it really smells of the forest as the name suggests. There is nothing better than the this when it is in the spring which is one of my favourite times to visit the forest.  This for sure is one which I would be purchasing more if I lived closer to oxford street I might have to purchase this one online because I know it is going to be a firm favourite. 

This is a product which I purchased because of the fact that one of the lovely members of staff used this product and demonstrated it on my arm. I have to say that my arm has never felt so smooth using this showder. This is a product which smells like lemon cheesecake which of course is something which just makes me want a product as well as the fact that it is a product which allows delicate but effective scrubbing. So it removes the dead skin cells before making the skin soft due to the fact that it has cornflour in the ingredients. It is a product which I am going to have to store in a black pot due to the fact that it comes in a cardboard box which is not going to be great for storing in the shower. This for sure is going to be awake me up product which I am looking forward to using in the colder darker mornings. 

Marmalade is the final jelly bath bomb which I picked up I thought that it was going to be a scent which is similar the famous condiment so I thought it was going to be a very juicy orange kind of smell. However, this is not the case at all to me it is a hell of a lot of powdery scents which is not something which I am a huge fan of. This for sure is not my favourite and I do not think it is one which I am going to be using for a long time because I have more which I love in my collection. I might even let Jess try instead and take photos that way because I am sure she would love jelly in her bath. I actually almost regret purchasing this one. 

The final item which I purchased was this plum rain body spray which of course is the same scent as the shower gel. This is one which I love because if you have ready my review of the shower gel you will knoe how I like the fact that this is a different scent to others which I have in my collection it is a fruity and fresh scent. This is going to be perfect for spraying on when I am going to university in a morning, The scent on this lasts for a fair amount of hours I know this is going to be one which I am going to get a hell of a lot of use out of. 

What exclusives have you tried from Oxford Street?

Charlotte xx

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Dear Dada- The week of Charity  

Dear Dada

So another we passes and we are now only 3 days away from your return. Not that we believe it till you actually get on that plane we are not actually getting our hopes up that you will be back on Wednesday. Even I keep saying it's 10 days till your back so maybe I know something that you don't.
This week has been a strange one mummy has the week off however that did not mean a week of lounging around in our Pyjamas and watching paw patrol or whatever else I can force her to watch on nick jr. Nope we headed off to York for 4 days so that mummy could smash some more of this work that she seems to have stacks of at the moment. I swear she must be miles ahead of anyone else
students are meant to be hungover and party animals right I don't think mummy is that anymore.

This week saw me take a lot of things which we no longer wanted to nusury for the shoebox appeal. I know I am a very lucky girl to have so many toys and nice things and some children have nothing I donated some brand new tights, socks even hundreds of pencils so that they can draw pictures like me. I have been told if I keep doing nice things like this that if I am lucky I might get some Christmas presents.

Thursday was a day which I helped Mummy we stayed at home all day. I didn't even get out of my pajamas and we cleaned the worst room in the house. A teenage boys room we uncovered so many gems even a peppa pig cuddly toy that mummy got for her 18th birthday which I have now claimed. While sorting out we managed to find a lot of things which we didn't need anymore so we put them in a bag for for the charity shop and on Saturday took 3 bags full of donations to help raise even more funds. This included things such as DVDs and books but mummy still has about 200 books to read so don't worry we will still be needing a good bookshelf when/if we get a house.

Friday saw me do something else charitable it was Children In Need. Of course, this is another excuse for me to dress up at nursery this year I rocked a pudsey Tshirt and dotty skirt which you saw in a haul a week ago and the pudsey bow. Of course I smashed it and nursery couldn't believe how good I looked of course I couldn't have done it without mummy we know she puts together my outfits.

This weekend we have had a pretty chilled one to be honest we took the charity items on Saturday which gave us a walk. On the evening I watched my first film on Netflix I watched the postman pat movie. I haven't seen pat much before but I loved the film even though the cat is called Jess and is a boy what's that all about. Sundays at the moment are a pretty chilled day of course I had my standard bath so I am clean for the start of the week. Mummy ordered a few more Christmas presents gosh she is smashing it not many more I think and she will be done even though she says she hasn't bought me anything yet.

Anyway Daddy I better go before mummy catches me using her laptop. I love you and hopefully will see you very soon.

Love your princess Jess xxxxxxx

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dreaming of Winter Sun 

This week I have been lucky enough to have a week of university so you would think that I have been doing fantastic days out maybe even taken a trip on a plane to somewhere warm. No instead I have been cooped up in the library trying to get ahead on assignments to take a little bit of a break for Christmas to enjoy it with friends and family and not be as stressed out as usual. I hopefully will be able to study a little bit less when Joe comes home next week you have him to thank for the amazing picture in this post. I am not jealous at all he got to meet penguins. My parents have also just returned from a week away in Lanzarote, and they have come back so suntanned I look like I don't belong in their family. It's hard to believe as a child who travelled abroad so much every single year I was lucky to be jetting off to a warmer climate it had been 7 years I think now since I left the UK.

This is something for sure I want to change next year I would love to be able to take Jess on her first holiday abroad and feel some of the  Sun on our backs. I am sure she would enjoy the pools because she really does seem to be such a water baby.  That reminds me we should take her swimming a lot more when Daddy is back, so she gets used to it again. Recently as my stress levels have risen and the temperature has plummeted, I have found myself dreaming of warmer climates. It is so tempting to take a week of uni and just go let's forget I don't have a valid passport at the moment.

The best thing about being able to go on holiday is that I could have so much fun in the pool with Jess and actually spend some quality time with her something I feel like I haven't done since September.  I might actually be able to read something which is not academic and do it for pleasure I think I have around 200 books to read and I plan on moving house hopefully next year, and that's going to be a lot of transporting.

Places such as Tenerife, Lanzarote are places which I would love to visit. I have been to Tenerife multiple times as a child and had so much fun over there. Visiting places such as Loro park and Siam park is something which I would love to do as it is something I haven't done in the past. I think I would be tempted to only travel a maximum of around 4 hours at the moment on a plane because it is a whole new venture for Jess.

I can keep dreaming about the winter sun because currently, I have no time to pack my bags and jet off. Fortunately, I do have a weekend away break coming up in around a month, and it will be amazing to escape everyday life for a few days.

Many 2018 will be the year I get a new passport and one for Jess and explore the world again. For now, I am going to stay focusing on my studies and exploring places a little bit closer to home.
Have you got any winter sun breaks planned if so where? Or are you super organised and already booked your summer getaway for next year?

Charlotte xx

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

November Toddler Instagram Haul

As you know, I love shopping small business, and Instagram is a platform which allows me to do this more often. If you got onto my Instagram feed, you would see that half of it at least is a small business which is impressive because some of the ladies who run these companies do it on top of a full-time job which is crazy. They make these items on a night and weekends which shows that it is their hobby so if I can promote them all a little bit and support them I will.

The first company is actually one from Facebook and a company which is local to me, and it is B's boutique this is a company which I actually purchased some bows from way back at Easter time. When I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I saw that she was doing these amazing Children In Need bows which I knew I had to purchase as I knew that Jess would be doing something for the occasion at nursery.  I knew I wanted to get her something a little bit different like a bow rather than just getting something off the shelf from Asda. When I went further down on her page, I noticed that she was also doing these remembrance bows and of course Jess is too young to actually wear a poppy, so I thought that if I managed to get her something it still shows that she cares even though she doesn't know what it fully means. I think both bows with postage only cost me £7 which is a steal when you think how long they will have taken to make and how much wear Jess is going to get out of them.

As you might remember way back in July I purchased a skirt with this same fabric, however, with the weather coming colder I knew that Jess needed a blanket which would keep her warm on cooler mornings when we are travelling. This is when I found Gladragscustomcloths which is a very small Instagram company with less than 200 followers. which has the exact fabric and offer to make buggy blankets which is the perfect size for what we wanted. The lovely lady actually purchased the fabric in as she had none in stock and in total it took less than two weeks I think for me to receive which is an amazing turn around for a small company. This cost me £20 however, I know that I am going to get plenty of use from this and Jess is not going to drag it along the floor like she used to with the bigger ones. I would recommend this company and if I require anything like this in the future I will return to this store.

I purchased again from prettypenguinclothing which is where I purchased the avengers skirt from in July. I still follow this amazing company so when they announced that they were doing to do Children in Need skirts I knew that I needed it because I think it is going be great for Jess as I knew nursury were going to do something for the occasion I think this skirt only cost me £8 with so much of the money going to the charity which is always amazing as this is what we are all raising money for. I picked this up in the size 12-18 and actually it is the same as the one which we had last year and it suited Jess so I know she is going to look super cute with this skirt this year. 

While I was looking on prettypenguinclothing I purchase another skirt I love Jess in black for some reason however, it is not a colour which you see a lot in toddler and baby clothing. So when I spied this skirt which is black with white and grey clouds on it I knew I had to purchase this. I can see this been teamed with a bright coloured tshirt and some tights. I did actually purchase this in 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit Jess for a while but when it does I am sure she will look super cute and rock this outfit. I can not believe this skirt is only £8 and it is actually homemade. 

The final item which I picked up from prettypenguinclothing was this super awesome pink rainbow skirt which is in 18-24 months so I think it is going to fit Jess in the spring time at the rate she is going. I think this is actually one of my favourite fabrics which Jess has. It is something which I was going to get leggings in however, I decided to get it in a size up and be able to use it in the spring again this is going to be paired with tights. I think this is an item which is going to get plenty of wear out of. Again this skirt is only £8 and the company have a turn around of 2-3 weeks however, I actually got mine I think in around 1 week. This is a company which I would completely recommend. 

 The item item which I purchase is from a lovely company called Surviving Society which is ran by a lovely lady who I have made friends with over on there. When I saw that she had launched these tshirts I knew I had to have them because one this colour really suits Jess and you do not see a lot of this colour. The second reason was because tigers are something which are really love in the house it does not have anything to do with our local football team at all. The final reason I purchased this is because I really like to celebrate little companies where you purchase makes a huge different and of course if you have met Jess you will know that she is a fierce mini person I am even scared of her sometimes. 

Have you purchased anything from Instagram recently?  Also with it coming up to the festive season please leave me links to your favourite stores because I actually want to shop as local and small as possible this year. 

Charlotte xxx